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How Many Forms of Bearded Dragons Are There?

listed below are about eight acknowledged species of bearded dragons, all native to Australia. Beneath is a quick description of every:

1. Japanese Dragon. (Pogona barbata) This species also referred to as Jew Lizard and Frilly Lizard is discovered alongside the jap and southern coasts of Australia. It has greater spikes, is extra aggressive and shows its beard motion extra typically. That is the biggest species within the Pogona genus; a few of these exceed eight inches snout to vent size. They are often present in a wide range of habitats, together with moist forests and dry scrublands. They eat all kinds of meals akin to bugs, fruit, greens, flowers, and even smaller lizards.

2. Lawson’s Bearded Dragon (Pogona henrylawsoni) additionally recognized by many names akin to Rankin’s Dragon, Dumpy Dragon, Dwarf Bearded Dragon, or the Black Soil Bearded Dragon. Named after a well-known Australian poet and author Henry Lawson. This species is discovered within the north-eastern Australian State of Queensland, and are additionally seen within the Northern Territories. This is likely one of the smaller species and in addition has a smaller beard. Typically preyed upon by venomous snakes this dragon has adopted a protection habits of hiding in cracks within the soil.

three. The Small-scaled Bearded Dragon (Pogona microlepidota) or Drydale River Dragon lives in a really small space in north-western Australia referred to as the Kimberly. Its habitat is open woodland the place there are grasses and low-lying shrubs. The grownup dimension of this uncommon species is about 14cm (5.5in) snout to vent size Balm+Beard Brush+Beard Scissors+Storage Gift Box B078N1DBY9.

four. The Western Bearded Dragon (Pogona minima) lives within the south-western facet of Australia, in a wide range of habitats together with woodlands, heath, arid desert, and even coastal dunes. It’s considered semi-arboreal, and is commonly noticed basking on rocks or fallen timber and generally seen basking on roadways. Adults can exceed 6 in snout to vent size.

5. The Dwarf Bearded Dragon (Pogona minor) lives throughout western and central Australia. It is likely one of the smaller Pogona species, reaching about 6 in snout to vent size as adults. Present in all kinds of habitats, together with forest and desert, this breed is distinguished by its shorter limbs and tail. These dragons are recognized to cover throughout the hottest a part of the day to keep away from overheating.

6. Mitchell’s Bearded Dragon (Pogona mitchelli) lives in north-western Australia, in a wide range of habitats, together with the Nice Sandy Desert. It is a very small species, averaging solely 5.5in snout to vent size.

7. Nullabor Bearded Dragon (Pogona nullabor) is likely one of the smallest species present in a small space in south-central Australia. On the coast, it’s recognized to reside on steep cliffs and in caves. This species has distinctive white bands on its again and three to seven rows of spines alongside the perimeters of its physique. Adults attain about 6 inches snout to vent size.

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