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Septembre Francophilie


La JCEF de Shanghai, en partenariat avec Reel Departement Store, le Consulat general de France a Shanghaiet l’Alliance francaise de Shanghai, vous invite a six soirees de festivites. Au programme ; seances de cinema en plein air, concerts de musique et degustations de vins et cuisine francaise. Dans un cadre ideal, aux abords du parc de Jing’An, venez profitez des beaux jours de Septembre avec un evenement inedit et totalement gratuit.

Sam.14/09 -18h a 21h
Cinema en plein air : projections de courts metrages (VF/sous-titre chinois)

Lun.16/09 -15h a 18h
Concert d’ouverture

 Opening Concert

Ven.20/09 -18h a 21h
Cinema en plein air : projections des longs-metrages « Les Chansons d’Amours » et « Le Tableau » (VF/sous-titre chinois).

Sam.21/09 -18h a 21h
Soiree « les annees 20 a Paris »: avis aux amateurs de Lindy Hop, Charleston et concert de jazz. Dress code: annees 1920-1930.

Ven.27/09-18h a 21h
Soiree degustation : les chefs francais de Shanghai cuisinent pour vous. Inscrivez-vous gratuitement en ecrivant a:

Sam.28/09-18h a 21h
Concert de fermeture (Pop Rock Indy)


Les Artistes

Quatuor a cordes
Quatuor a cordesquatuor a cordes 2PJ12PJ13
The Youth Quartet Band consists of four talented musicians: Yanjie Wang(Violinist), Yanjie Xu(Violinist), Qi Zhang(Violist), Chongzhi Tian(Cellist). Rely on good playing technique and artistic expression, Now The Youth Quartet Band has won more international reputation. On September 16th, 2013, they will provide you a wonderful concert whit the intersection of classical and modern.

Anne Evenou
anne evenou

From Paris to New York City and Shanghai, Anne Evenou (France) has been performing in some of the most prestigious stages, singing in 6 different languages and entertaining audience from all over the world. Evenou is a versatile Soul and Jazz singer who made her first appearance on stage at 21 on the prestigious Paris Pleyel Hall and whose main musical influences come from the African-American music. Her repertoire ranges from American songbook jazz standards, Rhythm & Blues, Funk, Soul, Brazilian Samba, of course French Chansons to Chinese Pop rearranged in Jazz! She leads several jazz bands, the Shanghai Funk Inc. and she works with internationally renowned jazz artists such as Roy Ayers keyboard player Philip Woo (US/Japan), the pianist & composer Claude Diallo (CH), Giovanni Mirabassi (IT), composer & singer Filo Machado (BR), NYC Producer Carlton J. Smith, as well as world class Chinese baritone LIAO Changyong or Chinese pop singer CAI Guoqing. She is currently working on her next album.
In April this year, Anne Evenou Quartet performed at the newest Theater Shanghai Culture Square and once again she packed the theater (above 2000 seats). Since 2010, she has performed many times at the Shanghai Concert Hall, Shanghai Oriental Art Center and Shanghai Lyceum Theater, enjoying SOLD OUT. She is the first foreign jazz artist from the local scene to be booked as a headline act in such prestigious government venues.
In the night of New Year’s Eve 2006, few days after James Brown passed away, Carlton J. Smith was called to perform in his place along side Chaka Khan at NYC Times Square B.B. King Club. Evenou was sharing this legendary stage with Carlton J. Smith during a unique tribute to the « Godfather of Soul ». Evenou sang in some of the best clubs in New York City and she appears on Smith’s two last albums. (Diagram of A Relationship // Skinny bone Tree, CD Baby Music Store). Her soulful vocal gift allows her to work with jazz orchestras such as Jz All Stars Big Band who played with Dee Dee Bridgewater, in intimate duets, in Gospel choirs as leading singer or even as an improviser and scat singer along with DJs at hottest clubs in Asia Bar Rouge, Drop, M1NT.
She started her career in Paris singing Brahms Lieders and Bernstein’s Kaddish Symphony along with world famous actor Michael Lonsdale in the Grandes Ecoles choir led by conductor Michel Podolac (Pleyel Hall). Evenou was destined to a great carrier in Opera as a mezzo-soprano, but her passion for swing and opportunities to work with American jazz divas Sheila Jordan and Viviane Ginape quickly brought her into Paris jazz scene such as the legendary Petit Journal Montparnasse. With a Master degree in Mandarin from Paris INALCO Institute, she is granted with a scholarship by the Chinese government in 1998 to pursue her singing studies at the Shanghai Music Conservatory. Since then, Evenou is sharing her passion between Asia, France and the US.
“When I Fall In Love” American Jazz standards
> Regarder la video
Anne Evenou & Shanghai Jazz Orchestra @ Shanghai Concert Hall

“I Wish You Love” French song rearranged in jazz + Brazil samba
> Regarder la video
Anne Evenou & Shanghai Jazz Orchestra @ Shanghai Concert Hall

“L.O.V.E.” American Jazz Standards
> Regarder la video
Anne Evenou Sextet @ Shanghai Concert Hall
Anne Evenou & Her Funk Band @ BAR ROUGE > Regarder la video

> Regarder la video[/wptabcontent]

Dantes Dai Liang



We are *LLND, artists performers, instrumental devices creators, Life recorders in Time Compression. By the way, *LLND: Laurent Lettree and Nathalie Delpech. Here is a successful assembly! They met in Paris in 2003 and right away fused their know how to experiment and develop new concepts concerned by the representation of time, space, light and sound. To make short, let us recall that he lived in the United States and composes electro acoustic music; that one says him « constructor of sound » and that he handles with happiness the random acts; that she comes for her part from cartoon film, that she worked on special effects for television and imagined video clips for various music composers; that they are uprising artists, and already exhibited in many Biennials and Contemporary Art Fairs. The borders of *LLND are undoubtedly very elastic. If their four dimensions call some with the five senses, they relate even more to the majority among us.
Our meeting in 2003 originated from the passion of sound and moving image. Laurent was diverting and constructing electronic machinery aiming at their liberation , and I was creating animated cartoons and video music clips. Our first performances were like a research of synchronization of multiple media on a quest for an ideal artistic fusion . We spoke of synesthesia … of total experience for the senses .
Our live act are like a round trip between the direct and the fictional virtual documentary a controlled Digital Automation. A thundering mix called Live Act Kinotoys. Each of our performance offers a pass for traveling to multiple geostrategico-sensory destinations in a poetic network. A universe of immersive sounds and visuals. A world of artifacts to remix universally our personal myths.
*LLND is born from the meeting in 2003 of Laurent Lettree and Nathalie Delpech, in Paris. From their passion of sound and moving image originated a fusion artwork form.
Building a world by putting in resonance the light, the sound, and the matter is always at the heart of *LLND’s artwork. Their first performances were like a research of synchronization of multiple media on a quest for an ideal artistic fusion. They spoke of synesthesia … of total experience for the senses.

*Laurent Lettree, born in 1977
He lives 7 years in the United States and continues his studies at the university of Charleston. His passion for the sound is stronger than all and will be the principal engine of his artistic research. Explorer of the sound and his multiple frequencies and rhythmic variations, he composes by using analogical machines and objects which he diverts and transforms into instruments. While taking as a starting point random acts and results, he creates abstract dreamlike soundscapes so that the spectator feels free in a multisensory voyage. His affiliation with the « nouveau realist » art movement confirmed his skill as manufacturer of sounds to translate the abstractions in art into music.

*Nathalie Delpech, born in 1972
Impassioned of literature, art and social sciences, she studies the Visuals Arts. Continues her course at the « Art Decoratif –ENSAD » in Paris with a diploma in Cinema-Animation Cartoon-Video and a specialization in synthesized image, special effect. Her video animations and her graphic art are often perceived as a poetic meeting of the psychadelism and surrealism. With strong colours and forms borrowed from a revisited reality, she gives life to the inanimate objects. Her hybrid characters struggle within situations « dramati-cocasses » in a colored and absurd universe. This unexpected ensemble plunges us in a reflexion on the inconsistency of the world while keeping us smiling.

John Jam Session
JOhn Jam Jession


C’est en 1990 a l’age de quatorze ans que Vilay prend une guitare dans ses mains pour la premiere fois. Autodidacte, sans formation musicale, il s’entraine pendant 10 ans seul ou avec l’aide de musiciens plus confirmes.
Sa passion prend un tournant en 2001 lorsqu’il s’associe a un jazzman chinois rencontre via les Langues’O, ecole ou Vilay etudiera le mandarin durant cinq annees. Le musicien chinois, shanghaien pour etre plus precis, deviendra pour lui un ami et un professeur. Ensemble, ils montent un groupe et explorent differents genres au gre de leurs envies.

Ils se separent en 2003 avant que Vilay ne parte en Chine.

Pendant 4 ans a Pekin, journaliste chez RCI le jour et musicien la nuit, Vilay explore sa musique (pop-rock, et jazz), trouvant inspiration et confiance.

En 2007, de retour a Paris il decide de se lancer dans l’aventure de la musique professionnelle. Il enregistre ses chansons dans les studios de Montmartre et donne de petits concerts ici et la dans la ville lumiere, jusqu’a ce que la fievre chinoise ne l’atteigne a nouveau en 2010, et lui fasse reprendre les chemins de l’Empire du Milieu, mais a Shanghai cette fois.

L’Expo Universelle bat son plein. Vilay enseigne la musique, joue dans les bars, et finit par retomber sur son ancien mentor chinois, lequel possede desormais un studio florissant. Sept annees se sont ecoulees, mais ils enregistrent a nouveau ensemble et leur collaboration redecolle. En parallele,Vilay travaille avec plusieurs chanteuses et certaines d’entre elles vont enregistrer dans le fameux studio. L’histoire poursuit son cours …

Monkey Philosophy



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